Git installation on Ubuntu/Debian

sudo apt-get install git nano pass

If you are using some other distribution we expect that you already know how to install programs. Go ahead and install git, pass and nano.

After you have installed git, choose your Git editor. If you do not like Vim (or you do not know what it is) enter this command to choose a more user-friendly editor called Nano:

git config --global core.editor nano

After this step, please install the Git Credential Manager by downloading gcm-linux.(version).deb package from official releases of gcm.

After that install and configure with commands:

sudo dpkg -i <path-to-package>
git-credential-manager-core configure
git config --global credential.credentialStore gpg

Next, we need to generate a secure credentials store. Run following two commands to create and use a new GPG key pair

gpg --gen-key
pass init <gpg-id> # where <gpg-id> is the username generated in step 1

Now continue with the rest of setup at General Settings in Git install.