Python installation on Linux

Installing Python on Linux is actually easy. The only difficult part could be that there are many distributions that needs different installation commands.

Python 3

First check in your command line/terminal if you don't already have python3 installed. Open the terminal and type into it:

$ python3 --version

If "Python" and version number (e. g. Python 3.8.2) will appear and the version is higher than or equal to 3.8 then everything is fine and please continue with further section.

If there will be "Python" and version lower than 3.8, ask us how to proceed.

If bash: python3: command not found or something similar will appear you will have to install Python3. Command depends on your distribution.

  • Fedora:
    $ sudo dnf install python3
  • Ubuntu:
    $ sudo apt-get install python3

If you are using some other distribution we expect that you already know how to install programs. If not try to ask Google.