Python installation

We will do two things in this section:

  • We will install Python
  • We will create virtual environment
  • We will give Python a test run.

You might ask why we need all this.

Python is programming language (a way how to tell computers what to do), and also a program we need so we can talk to our computer in Python language.

A virtual environment is something that will ensure that all computers will behave similarly. After we will activate it, we won't need special materials for Linux, Windows and Macs.

In the future, we will use another advantage of virtual environments: every venv is separated from each other, so if we install a module (an extension for Python) it will be in just that environment where we want to have it. If that library breaks something in your project, all other projects will be safe.

Choose a page depending on your operating system:

If you have another system or if you have any problem, don't hesitate to ask your coach (raise the red post-it note), or send us an e-mail.